Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Creative Christmas Cards

Shutterfly is a great site to order Christmas cards, birth announcements, photo books, calendars, and other fun gifts. I have ordered something in all the above categories and have been very pleased. Each year I order a photo book with pictures from the year of the boys, I haven’t had time to scrapbook, but this is a great way to keep my memories organized each year.
I really want to order Christmas cards, this year from Shutterfly as they have a variety to choose from, over 700. You can choose from their entire site of Holiday cards here,
One of my favorites is the Dazzle and Shine design, its bright and fun and will go perfectly with the color scheme of our clothing. I am planning on not taking our traditional holiday pictures and this will be the perfect card to showcase our pictures.
I also love the Lovingly Wrapped card, this would be perfect! Its simple and still festive for the Holiday season.
I love Christmas time and finding the perfect card to send out to our family and friends is so much fun. Shutterfly will be my site of choice.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


At Just for Me and You, they are giving away an Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Breast Pump and I want to win it!!!
With the twins coming I know this will be put to great use, plus the one I have from when the boys were little is so slow and doesn't work to great anymore.
You could try to win it too, just click here

Wish me LUCK!!!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Petunia Pickle Bottom Fashionable Diaper Bag Giveaway!

I LOVE these diaper bags!!!! I have one of the boxy backpacks and just love it. I would love to have more, so I am super excited about this giveaway! If you want to enter, Click Here! Or go directly to Petunia Pickle Bottom! Wish me luck!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nestle Ice Cream Summer Giveaway $500 Freezer

I just entered this awesome giveway!!! See here for the details!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


NEW BLOG ADDRESS: posted instructions below on how to have unlimited invites AND also how to make your blog private by making this page set up available (just like I did here!) VERY EASY INSTRUCTIONS DOWN BELOW.

Hello everyone! If you would like an invitation to my new blog, please email me at OR leave a comment below with you email address. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this definitely is something I have been putting off and after reading something on a friends blog, I HAD TO DO IT! THANKS EVERYONE for understanding!

I am coping this from her blog to inform other bloggers about this:

"BING is a recent search engine launched by Microsoft. The major problem with Bing is that it has brought pornography directly into your home or office. Porn is no longer a few clicks away.When you search on Bing, you no longer have to click to go to a different website to view porn. All you have to do is roll over the thumbnail image of the video on the video will begin to play snippets of the pornographic video.Imagine the harmful effects if a child is searching on Bing and merely rolls over the image and instantly the child is watching a porn video.This is completely unacceptable and irresponsible of Microsoft to launch a program such as this without a solution to block pornographic videos.DO NOT USE BING AND ESPECIALLY DO NOT LET YOUR CHILDREN SEARCH ON BING!!*Do yourselves a favor and add VOICEFORTHECHILDREN to your blog. They want nothing more than to educate all of us on how we can keep our families safe and protected from the pornographic world."

I was scared reading about what happened to her children and I hope I DID scare you too.
These are here words, but I felt she said them perfectly, so I am quoting her here,
"We stay so sheltered and ignorant thinking it will never happen to us...but let me tell you people, CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS EVERYWHERE. Let me remind everyone too that Phoenix now is the #1 kidnapping capital in America.*If you have kids old enough to play games on the computer, I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you download this web protection site to your computer.
I PROMISE you, having this K9 WEB PROTECTION is the BEST way as of right now, to protect your kids from seeing anything pornographic or inappropriate on the computer. Pornography is so available that even if your baby started slamming down on keys, a porn website could pop it. Any porn sites, sites with questionable images, swim suit sites, facebook, youtube, and other social networking sites are ALL BLOCKED. It is VERY FILTERED. HOWEVER, you will have an ACCESS password that will allow you (as the adult) to type in a password that will allow you to enter into a site you want available to you. You will have to type in the password every time you want to enter the site. (it's one extra step that is worth the 2 seconds)."

She also posted these helpful tips to make your blog private, I did it and it took about 2 minutes-totally worth it!


Log onto your own blog. Then you go into SETTINGS, then the PUBLISHING tab. In there change your Blog Spot Address to something different. Anything that you want.

Then quickly create a new blog with your old address.

The new address will have all of your old posts. The old address will have nothing.

Change the NEW address (that has all of your old stuff) to a private blog.

And add a post to the OLD address stating that you are now private and if you want to be invited to view the blog to send you and email.


First, do you have another email account? You will need one. Make sure you invite yourself (your other email account self) to your blog. Open the email, and FORWARD that invite email to everyone else who wants to be invited. It will then create another list of readers on your PERMISSIONS page. You will see it all unfold when you actually do it.



ESPECIALLY for all of you who have open blogs, go to CUSTOMIZE. Click on SETTINGS. Scroll down to where you see: LET SEARCH ENGINES FIND YOUR BLOG? Make sure it is set to "NO". By not allowing search engines to find your blog, this will help keep the privacy of your blog. (to some extent) Just FYI!